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Collegiate Arena of Valor Rivals will Compete on the DreamHack Austin Main Stage

The AVGL will be organizing collegiate Arena of Valor Grudge Matches at DreamHack Austin this coming Saturday as part of the AVGL and DreamHack Collegiate Series. Regional rivals will represent their schools on the Main Stage in front of thousands of spectators in-person and on Twitch.

Arena of Valor is a 5v5 MOBA game perfected for mobile by Tencent Games. The balanced competitive play has allowed the game to become an established esport that offers the largest prize pool in mobile esports history.

The matches will take place June 2nd at 4:00PM CDT and will be live streamed on Twitch.tv/DreamHack. DreamHack tickets can be purchased on dreamhack.com/Austin


By Victor Suski