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Official Rules


Saturday, February 2nd - Sunday, February 3rd

Matches begin at 2:00pm EST on both days.

    Saturday - Ro64, Ro32, Ro16

    Sunday - Ro8, Semis, Finals


Event registration links will be posted in the #csgo_announcements channel

of the AVGL Discord.

Only teams that are marked “Ready” on the AVGL site prior to registration

close will be placed into the bracket. To show as “Ready,” the team must

have a minimum of 5 players on the roster who all have their Game ID linked

to their AVGL profile. Registration will close at 11:59pm EST on Thursday,

January 31st.

The maximum roster size is 7. All teams must have 5 starting players, and

may fill the additional 2 slots with substitute players and/or team

managers as they see fit. Team names must have the school name or

abbreviation included. If there are multiple teams from the same school,

then the team can add a color such as “University of Connecticut Red.”

All captains must join the AVGL Discord


Each player must be a currently registered college student at their

university. All players on the roster must be from the same school. Schools

are permitted to register and compete with as many teams as they can field.

Each player on the roster must have their Game ID linked to their AVGL

profile or they will not be allowed to compete in any matches. To do this,

click on the gear icon next to your username and go to Account Profile.

Under “My Unique IDs,” go to the CS:GO box and link your Steam there. If

successful, your ID will show as green on the team’s roster page.

The overall AVGL ruleset covers eligibility, sportsmanship, and other key

aspects of the competition. Read them HERE

Match Format

5v5 Single Elimination

All matches will be Best of 3

The bracket will be randomly seeded for this event.

Each team is allowed four tactical pauses for 30 seconds

    Type “.timeout” in chat

Each team is allowed unlimited technical pauses

    Type “.problem” in chat

    Teams abusing the technical pause system are subject to suspension and/or

    forfeiture of the match

Server & Maps

Veto System:

    Home bans 1

    Away bans 1

    Home picks 1 (Away side choice)

    Away picks 1 (Home side choice)

    Last map random (Knife for sides)

Map pool:







    Dust 2

Matches will be played on CEVO servers

    1:55 round timer

    40 second bomb timer

    CEVO in-game server commands

Post-Game Results

Match reporting for CS:GO is automated. Our site will pull round and series

scores and report those for you automatically. Teams must still request

forfeits manually by using the request link on the Scheduling tab of the

match page.

It is recommended to save individual game replays in the case of a dispute.

It is also recommended to take screenshots of post-game scoreboards for

proof during disputes.

Team Streaming / Broadcasting

Players are encouraged to stream their games from their point of view. No

outside spectators aside from members of AVGL staff (including, but not

limited to, Casters, Broadcasters, Tournament Admins, and Managers) may

join a match for spectating.

Match Check-Ins

At the start of the tournament, your team will have 15 minutes to check in

on your match page on AVGLcollege.org. If you do not check in on time, you

will be disqualified. Please pay attention to the bracket and the #csgo

channel in the AVGL Discord.

If you are found to be exploiting the check-in timers, disciplinary action

can and will be taken.

Once both teams are fully present, the match should begin immediately.

Teams have a maximum of 15 mins after their previous match has concluded to

check-in for their next match.

To check in, all 5 players must click the Launch Match Lobby button on the

match page. 5 players from each team are required to check-in in this way.

Non-Responsive Opponent

If your opponent is not responding or is not joining the in-game lobby

after five (5) minutes have elapsed since they checked into the match, you

can request a Tournament Admin on Discord. If we are unable to reach them,

we will disqualify your opponent at the admin’s discretion. You will then

be moved on to the next round of the tournament.


Teams are allowed to forfeit at any time. If they forfeit, they are

forfeiting the remainder of that tournament and a winning score will be

reported in favor of the opposing team.

Player Substitutions

Teams are allowed to make one substitution per Match. The sub must be a

registered player on the roster with a linked Game ID. Teams can make this

substitution between any Game of the Match, but not during a Game.


This tournament will have a $350 prize pool. The 1st place team receives

all of the prize pool. The captain of the winning team will be sent the

aforementioned amount via PayPal, after which the captain is responsible

for distributing to the team. The AVGL is no longer responsible for

payments once the captain has received prizing funds.

Participants can win an additional prize by submitting a top play clip:

  • Gameplay highlights will be sent to AVGL staff
  • The video must be at least 720p, video quality is a factor in judging top play award
  • The video can be a Twitch Clip, YouTube video, or a standalone file
  • The #1 clip will receive $20
  • Links and clips can be sent directly to Justin@avgleague.com